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DW – Buy Books

Dragon Warriors – Books

Ready for the adventure of your life? Dragon Warriors books are available in new editions from Serpent King Games:

Main Rule Book

Buy online: RPGNow (buy in $ or £)


A supplement containing a large list of monsters from the world of Legend along with a set of Random Encounter Tables.

Buy online: RPG Now (buy in $ or £)

Sleeping Gods

Buy online: DriveThruRPG buy in $ or £)

In From The Cold

Buy online: Amazon (buy in $ or £)

Prince of Darkness

Buy online: DriveThruRPG (buy in $ or £)

Friends or Foes

A supplement containing 36 characters for inclusion in campaigns.

Buy online: DriveThruRPG  (buy in $ or £)


Many of these books are now unfortunately only available in PDF format. However, if you have a PDF copy then you can get bound print copies for personal use by means of Lulu.com‘s print-on-demand service.