Who are we? A publisher for the modern multi-platform age, releasing titles in print, as ebooks and as apps. We have a strong direct relationship with our readers and that’s how we like it. There are several blogs for our various series and we’re increasingly using in-app storefronts so that readers can stay up to date with our latest releases.

Publishing is just part of our business. At heart, what matters to us is creating story universes filled with unforgettable characters and amazing sights. That’s why we describe Spark Furnace as a creator and developer of entertainment properties. Our series usually begin as novels, comics or audiobooks, but that’s only the first step. We have movie, TV and game producers and writers in-house, as well as relationships with networks and studios around the world. Everything we create is designed to work through the whole transmedia spectrum.

Our collections so far include: an all-new outer space kids’ series written by Jamie Thomson, author of the Dark Lord books and winner of the 2012 Roald Dahl Funny Prize; a startlingly original, Kirkus star-winning, interactive adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, in which you develop a relationship with the troubled scientist narrator; the highly acclaimed Binscombe Tales series by award-winning author John Whitbourn; Dark Lord: The Early Years – the hilarious adventures of Dirk Lloyd (already optioned by NBC); a back catalogue of over thirty classic choose-your-own-adventure gamebooks that we are developing for print, smartphones and tablets; the seminal British dark fantasy roleplaying game Dragon Warriors; and a range of stunning graphic novels.

And there’s more to come. Watch out for a host of all-new concepts we’re currently smelting in the furnace for release in 2014. Come take a look on the Spark Furnace Store.

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