Billy Graves

Billy Graves

Billy Graves is wondering when he slipped through the cracks. At school he keeps his head down and tries to avoid the bullies. His older sister and her friends only talk to him to say he’s in the way. His dad was having an affair and has moved out of the house. His mum is always on at him to buckle down to his schoolwork so that he can follow in the family tradition and become a doctor.

But Billy doesn’t want that. He doesn’t know what he wants. He feels like he’s a ghost in the middle of his own life. The only person who seems to connect with him as a person is his grandfather, Ignatius. Everything changes when Ignatius dies and Billy inherits the Skeleton Key. Billy learns that he’s the last in a line of Bonesmen, hereditary shamans whose job is to guide troubled spirits through to the next world.

Then Billy discovers that his grandfather was murdered by Jason Tooth, a ruthless old warlock who wants the Skeleton Key so he can cheat death by moving his spirit into an immortal body. To get the Key, Tooth will have to kill its owner.

Billy has no time to master his new powers. He has to fight back to save himself and his family. Can he bring his grandfather’s murderer to justice and survive to become the new Bonesman?

Let us peer beyond the veil: