Can You Brexit

Can You Brexit? (Without Breaking Britain)

You’re the British Prime Minister and Brexit is under way. You have just two years to negotiate the unpicking of an alliance that’s been built up over four decades. And that’s not the only minefield you’re going to have to cross. Your cabinet is unruly, your party is splitting itself apart, and the country remains bitterly divided over the whole issue.

Can you hang on and bring Britain safely into harbour? Forge new trade deals around the globe? Juggle popular support at home with the goodwill of your former EU allies? Stop the economy from spiralling down the plug hole? And all the while keeping an eye on those Parliamentary colleagues whose knives are ever-ready to plunge into your back?

This is an interactive gamebook in which you call all the shots. What could possibly go wrong?

* * *

Can You Brexit interactive political gamebook simulation

Why make it a gamebook? Because there’s no better way to really get to grips with any subject than to have hands-on experience. In the case of Brexit we’ve had more than two years of one politician saying one thing, only for another to pop up and say the opposite. All the assertions and counter-assertions soon become overwhelming. Little wonder that many people just give up – and as a society we can’t afford for that to happen. This is too huge, important, complex and multi-stranded a decision for the public to stop engaging with.

By framing Brexit as a game, we allow readers to see the consequences of their choices. They get to experiment with counterfactuals and weigh up conflicting goals. They can find out for themselves how all the myriad parts fit together. They’ll discover that politics is the art of the compromise.

* * *

“A wholly original approach to the big question of our times, this book educates, entertains, and also achieves the seemingly impossible feat of making you empathise with Theresa May. It reminded me of Yes Minister: it made me laugh, but then it made me think.”

– Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist and presenter of BBC Radio’s More or Less.

* * *

“This book is glorious and intended for you if you are a Remainer, a Brexiteer, or undecided. A gamebook format is used to help you guide your thinking and your understanding of Brexit as you take on the role of PM. Real life scenarios demand your attention and decision-making. However, all decisions have consequences and it is the interplay and counterpoint in the narrative flow of this book that helps it work so well. You can regard it as a teaching/learning tool to help you grasp the complexities of the situation. There is the thrill of the chase as you try to achieve your goal. Sometimes you can regard it as humour but on further reflection it is one of the most serious tomes I have read in a long time. The recursive nature of the design requires you to revisit problems you have already encountered whilst giving you the opportunity to explore other paths, possibilities and political quagmires and minefields. This book can be played straight or dipped into as an education exercise. One of my colleagues has a plan for his book group to have a game night and see if they really can Brexit without breaking Britain.”

– Peter Snell, bookseller (Barton’s Bookshop, Surrey)

* * *

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Also available in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia.

Download a PDF of the Brexit Memo Pad here.

Play the book online here. (Handy tip: you can use Alt + left arrow key to go back from a link in the PDF.)