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Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors is a fantasy role-playing game of adventure, magic, folklore, superstition and horror. The players take on the roles of gallant heroes in a world of fantasy, undertaking dangerous quests and adventures, pitting themselves, their wits, their weapons and their magical abilities against any number of foes and challenges. Some do it for gold, some for glory, some for honour – and some for darker, more personal reasons.

The game is set in a world known as Legend, loosely based on Europe at the time of the medieval crusades. Human civilisation has spread across the world, but its links are fragile and are often broken by conflict, invasion, or reasons natural or supernatural. Man has learned something of the art of magic, though spell-casters are widely feared by normal folk. Creatures from folklore and myth roam outside the human communities, or sometimes inside them, spreading fear and ruin.

Throughout this realm, there are ancient quests and long-dormant discoveries to be unearthed by the brave, with untold riches and status to be gained.

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