Dragon Warriors – the role-playing game


Dragon Warriors is a fantasy role-playing game of adventure, magic, folklore, superstition and horror. The players take on the roles of gallant heroes in a world of fantasy who undertake dangerous missions and adventures, pitting themselves, their wits, their weapons and their magical abilities against any number of foes and challenges. Some do it for money, some for honour, and some for darker, more personal reasons.

The game is set in a world known as Legend, loosely based on Europe after the end of the medieval crusades. Human civilisation has spread across the world, but its links are fragile and are often broken by conflict, invasion, or reasons natural or supernatural. Man has learned something of the art of magic, though spell-casters are widely feared by normal folk. Creatures from folklore and myth roam outside the human communities, or sometimes inside them, spreading fear and ruin. And there are ancient quests and long-dormant discoveries to be unearthed by the brave, and riches and status to be gained.

The Dragon Warriors role-playing game is ideal for beginners or newcomers, giving you and your friends a framework for constructing your own unique stories while offering depth and intricacy to old hands. The game is designed to be fast-moving without sacrificing detail or immersion. The basic game contains seven adventuring Professions based on heroic archetypes: knights and barbarians stand shoulder to shoulder with sorcerers, mystics, warlocks and elementalists, while assassins skulk in the shadows.

Dragon Warriors was originally published by Corgi Books ( division of Random House) between 1985 and 1986 as a series of six regular-sized paperback books by Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson. Those books have been out of print for more than twenty years and command high prices on the collectors’ market. The world and its heroes lived on in the Bloodsword series of books published by Knight Books in the late 1980s, and then in the Chronicles of the Magi trilogy of novels in 1997.



Dragon Warriors rulebook—everything you need to play the game.

Dragon Warriors Bestiary—a compedium of information on the inhuman inhabitants of the Lands of Legend, with atmospheric text and wonderful artwork.

Sleeping Gods—seven linked adventures that build into a complete fantasy epic.

The Elven Crystals—a quest to rebuilt a shattered artefact and save reality from a terrifying force.

Prince of Darkness—an adventure that will hurl the characters from the comfort of the city of Glissom across frozen wastes to a lost city where darkness elementalists brood and scheme, and the demon-prince Balor lies trapped in ice.