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The Fabled Lands – Free Extras


Feeling a little lost? Click maps for a full-screen preview, or right-click to save or view in a new window and print:

The Howling Wasteland of the Great Steppes (Book 4)

The Ports and Anchorages of the Violet Ocean (Book 3)

The Merchant Kingdom of Golnir (Book 2)

Sokara (Book 1)

Starting Characters

If you are just setting out into the Fabled Lands, and are impatient to get started without creating your own characters, feel free to choose one of these individuals who are ready and waiting for you:

Once you have chosen your character, enter their attributes into an Adventure Sheet. You can download and print copies of these PDFs:

And these hi-res maps for later books:

  • Large map of Uttaku: the Land of Hidden Faces
  • Large map of Akatsurai: the Land below the Sunrise

Extras for Book 7: The Serpent King’s Domain