Fangleworth’s – the Factory of Tomorrow!

Fangleworth’s – the Factory of Tomorrow!

Who hasn’t wondered what the world would be like if robots did all the hard work?

Reclusive industrialist Hiram T Fangleworth thought he’d give it a try. He set up a brand new factory on a hill overlooking the town. He staffed it entirely with robots and gave it the slogan ‘Fangleworth’s Fully Automated Manufactory – We Manufacture Miracles!’

Years went by and everyone enjoyed Fangleworth’s offbeat inventions. But then Silas Springlethorpe arrived in town as suddenly as if he’d been built in a workshop, and within days he had set up a factory of his own. Hiram Fangleworth started to feel the pinch as his new arch-rival set his stamp on all the latest cars, hi-fis and flat-screen TVs.

Fangleworth’s had always provided the very best in things you don’t need, every invention hand-crafted and unique. But when Springlethorpe came along with his modern ideas of mass-production and built-in obsolescence, it stated to look as if the fabulous, unpredictable future promised by Fangleworth’s was a thing of the past. Soon everybody was driving the same car, using the same phone, listening to the same hi-fi – all manufactured on the Springlethorpe’s production line.

Across the valley the gleaming towers of Spinglethorpe’s are now growing taller day by day. Sales at Fangleworth’s are in a crash dive as their rival’s modern manufacturing techniques and dull but cheap inventions dominate the market. Something has to be done before the Fangleworth’s factory is demolished to make way for Springlethorpe’s new driveway.

‘We need the future,’ says Hiram. ‘And we need it right now!’

Fangleworth’s is due to be released as a 120-page graphic novel with plans for videogames and a movie to follow.