Mirabilis – Year of Wonders

Mirabilis – Year of Wonders

New Year’s Day 1901. A green comet appears in the sky and our ordinary world starts to merge with the world of the imagination. The Year of Wonders has begun.

At first the changes are gradual. Bigfoot pelts are traded in the Yukon. Giant faces are seen in the Northern Lights. Men are reported to have vanished after performing the Indian rope trick.

As the green comet draws closer to Earth, miraculous events become part of everyday life until there’s a dragon nesting on the Statue of Liberty, goblins in every attic, and mermaids swimming down the Mississippi.

The world is different now. The magic has come back.

Jack Ember is a young soldier from the London slums. Estelle Meadowvane is the daughter of an English lord. Normally they would never even meet, much less set out on a series of breathtaking adventures together. But this is the Year of Wonders, and anything can happen…

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