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Dark Lord – the Teenage Years

Dark Lord – the Teenage Years

Originally from a world beyond our own, Dirk Lloyd now lives in the town of Whiteshields in England where he spends most of his time trying to get out of school and back home to his Iron Tower in the Darklands.

Dirk has been a Dark Lord for more than a thousand years. Some of his achievements include: building the Iron Tower of Despair to daunt the spirit of even the bravest paladin, raising vast armies of orcs and goblins, enslaving do-gooders, the waging of great wars, the destruction of countless towns and cities, the casting of mighty spells and enchantments, and using the tactical know-how earned in a hundred battles fought across the blood-soaked plains of his ancestral realm to lead his school cricket team to victory.

He has only recently turned to writing novels. Be warned – reviewers who adversely criticize his books will be hauled off to his Dungeon of Doom, subjected to the Racks of Pain, and then consigned to the Slave Pits of Never Ending Toil for all eternity.

I’m not afraid: