Statutory Information

The Legal Bits

Your Privacy

If you give us your contact details through this web site or indirectly we will immediately sell your soul to the forces of darkness and release your email to hordes of unethical spammers. Not!

Seriously though, we will take good care of your contact details and may use them to tell you when fantastic new stuff is revealed by the Spark Furnace. If we think someone else has something genuinely exciting to tell you about then we may allow them to contact you too.

That sound OK? If not please say so when you contact us (or anytime after).

Our Property

This site is ours. We worked hard to make it and we’re not having unscrupulous riff raff trying to make a quick buck by copying any of it. Some of the imagery belongs to other people – and believe me you don’t want to even think about messing with book illustrators and game developers! So don’t copy any of it. Just don’t. No, seriously, don’t.

Do you like our legal jargon, by the way? We suspect our lawyer was bitten by a werewolf, as he’s been talking a bit strangely recently, but the principles remain.

The Company

Would you believe it? Even a Spark Furnace has to be registered! When I was a lad, a mad inventor could create monstrosities in his rooftop laboratory or dingy basement without anyone batting an eyelid. Nowadays, you need paperwork for this, approvals for that. I mean, where does it all end?

Anyway, if you’re the kind of person who thinks it’s important, the Spark Furnace is owned by Fabled Lands LLP. And it’s registered in England with the number OC315902 at Cambridge House, 16 High Street, Saffron Walden, CB10 1AX.

So there, now you know. I bet you’re glad you skipped past the books, the free downloads and everything else and read to the bottom of this page. Hmm?