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The Heart of Harkun

The god Harkun once ruled the heavens, but the young gods were jealous of his power and plotted to overthrow him. Defeated in a celestial war, Harkun fell from the heavens, down through the black sky, until he struck the barren lifeless lands. But as he died, Harkun’s blood brought the world to life. His spine formed the mountains of the world. His veins became the roots of living things. The body of Harkun became the world of Harkuna.

Borrowing the plot hook of Heart of Ice, “The Heart of Harkun” is an audio drama about apprentice wizard Arcos, sent out by his masters on what seems to be a routine mission, and grizzed veteran warrior Kadar, a one-time friend of Arcos’s father. Together they fight crime. (Well, if the destruction of the world by demons and evil sorcerers is a crime.)

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